Sunday, 27 November 2011

Sleep Apnea in Essex and the devices that help to treat it

An often undiagnosed yet widespread syndrome affecting approximately 15 million women and men in US alone is sleep apnea. It is more common in men as compared to female patients. Symptoms include interference in breathing while asleep, snoring, feeling exhausted on waking, drowsiness and daytime exhaustion, aching head on waking, changes in attentiveness and disposition and decline in the sex drive. Such symptoms have negative impact on routine lives of the sufferers. The sufferers find it very difficult to stay awake, especially when they come home after work or at work. They do not feel healthy. The problem takes a toll on their relationships. Their output in terms of work decreases. Sleep apnea is a disorder that is debilitating. A person affected by the syndrome needs treatment. Fortunately there are experts who can tackle sleep apnea in Essex. If sleep apnea is left untreated it has proved to be contribution to a number of serious problems like cardiovascular symptoms that are often seen among men who are middle aged. Because of such issues, sufferers of the disorder should consult a specialist in sleep disorders if this syndrome is diagnosed. Their dentist or family doctor could refer them to a reputed sleep center in order to undergo treatment. The most effective treatment for sleep apnea in Essex is the therapy that is most conservative and will improve the unique medical condition of the sufferer. You must be wondering what the most conservative treatment would be that would help you. This question is personal and multifaceted. You will have to discuss it with a family doctor and sleep doctor. Treatment would have to be chosen as per type of sleep apnea, severity of symptoms and other considerations of health. A conservative treatment which is known to help in such a situation is application of different dental appliances. Such dental devices are usually recommended for the people who are suffering from mild or moderate sleep apnea in Essex. Many devices are offered depending on need of patient or prescription of dentist. Such devices are designed for repositioning the tongue and mandible in forward or anterior position for enlarging the dimension of the pharynx and preventing their fall into airways while the person is asleep. The goal of this particular dental treatment is resolution or improvement of snoring as well as sleep apnea. 2 kinds of oral appliances are offered for this therapy, a tongue retaining and mandibular repositioner device. MAD or mandibular advancement device is an instrument that is used most widely for sleep apnea. The features it possesses are nearly the same as mouth guard. It forces lower jaw forward and downward for maintaining an unobstructed and open airway. The tongue retaining device or TRD keeps airway open at all times by holding tongue in the right position. Such devices cause noticeable improvement of the airflow and decrease sleep apnea and snoring. These devices cause side effects like dry lips, discomfort and increased salivation. No matter which treatment the sleep specialist or dentist and you decide on as per your circumstances, improvement will be seen only when the dental device is used consistently. Call 01375481000 for a FREE Consultation if you have problems with your sleep.

Sedation Dentistry in Essex for nervous patients

The thought of visiting a dentist makes most people a little nervous. The experience of a filling or any other dental procedure is more than just nerve wracking. It can result in outright panic. As luck would have it sedation dentistry in Essex has many options. This method of dental care allows the most anxious person to enjoy relaxing and completely pain free dental office visit. It is obvious that a simple checkup or exam would never need sedation of any sort or treatment that involves medication however the most regular dental procedures could lead to fear or discomfort too. For example, a proper filling or gum cleansing can often be so painful that the patient could be caused undue stress. As sedation dentistry in Essex is available it can alleviate the patient’s concern and upset quickly. You must be wondering how sedation dentistry works. There are many approaches to this method such as oral medications, intravenous methods and use of some special gases that are administered through breathing apparatus that is comfortable. Each approach has its pros however most patients would have to meet their dentist before they undergo any procedures so as to get right medical details as well as clearance for the usage. For instance, a patient who is suffering from respiratory trouble might need mild sedatives for ensuring their safety and it is only through honest and frank consultation that the safest and best options could be determined. You have to keep in mind that all dentists, oral surgeons and orthodontists will not offer every option with regards to sedation dentistry. While some might be involved in treating sleep dentistry others might rely on procedures where the patient is totally conscious but extremely relaxed. It would be left to a patient to find out which techniques are made available by their provider. You also have to be aware of the fact that many dentists also cater to the patients who are scared of dental procedures of any sort. Generally they will find this kind of dentist makes use of specialized approaches to everything related to dental procedures whether it is cleaning or fillings and equipment so as to keep patients as relaxed, pain free and comfortable as possible. While sedation dentistry in Essex in its actual form might not be accessible to patients who are very young, unless there is a case of emergency, at all times there will be many options available for dentistry that is less stressful. A point that is interesting to note is that regular dentists, orthodontists and oral surgeons will always make an accommodation of some sort for those who become panicky and nervous by any kind of dental work. Such a fact in itself is usually a great comfort to patients who undergo such difficulties. If you are the nervous type, you need not break into a sweat at the mere mention of a dentist anymore! You can go the dental clinic confidently and get your dental problems treated without fear now. Call 01375481000 for a Free Consultation if you have a real phobia in going to the dentist.