Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Botox Injections by Dentists

Botox in Dentistry

While Botox is usually associated with cosmetic surgeons, dentists do use this product, as well. In some cases, the use may be cosmetic but, in others, its application is therapeutic. Long before Botox came to the forefront of the public mind because of its association with removing lines on the face and other signs of aging, it was used to treat conditions which were far more than cosmetic. It has been used to treat spasaming and other conditions which are oftentimes painful and debilitating. Dentists use it for a range of conditions, cosmetic and otherwise.

While most individuals associate their dentist with their teeth—and reasonably so, given their appellation—dentists are also experts in the head, face and neck. They can offer injections that can help to erase the lines around the mouth that inevitably come with age. These injections usually remain effective for about 6 months which, of course, is about the amount of time before one should be considering visiting their dentist for a checkup! Dentists have all the requisite training to offer these injections in a safe atmosphere and, because they are bona fide medical professionals, this is not outside the scope of their expertise by any stretch.

Dentists can also offer Botox to treat certain conditions. TMJ, for instance, is sometimes treated using this toxin. The muscle-arresting effects of Botox can bring relief from the sometimes nearly unbearable pain that accompanies this condition. There are other dental conditions that are sometimes treated in this way, as well, and one’s dentist may recommend the usage of this substance if one should show up to the office presenting one of these conditions. The cosmetic benefits may be a side effect, in these cases, but usually one that is nothing but welcome from the perspective of the patient.

Botox does come with some caveats and may not be appropriate for all patients. A dentist will consult with a patient before providing this therapy and use their medical knowledge to make certain that it will be safe and effective for the patient in question. If one wants unsightly lines removed from around their mouth and jaw, there would be hardly any one as qualified to address that need as a dentist. Used to treat other, non-cosmetic conditions, it represents another tool in the arsenal of treatments that dentists offer their patients. Most dentists who offer these treatments advertise as much.

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Porcelain Veneers in Essex

Porcelain veneers in Chafford Hundred Dental Care, Drake Road , Grays, Essex have been in use for over 20 years. These products allow for a very non-invasive type of intervention where crooked, damaged or malformed teeth are an issue. Having these devices installed will vary in the amount of preparation required. For some individuals, the veneer may be able to be simply affixed directly to the teeth. In other cases, the tooth may have to be ground down a bit to afford enough space to install the veneer without creating a very large or awkward smile. These devices are long-lasting but are among the more expensive cosmetic dental procedures.

Porcelain veneers are permanently affixed to the teeth and provide the appearance of natural enamel. Once they are installed, they are cleaned and maintained just as are one’s natural teeth. In individuals who have small teeth with significant gaps which cannot be corrected by braces, these devices can offer excellent results and, particularly in the case of small teeth, there may be very little preparation required. The teeth can simply be fitted with the veneers, in some cases, which are affixed by a resin glue that offers a long-term viability for the bonding process.

Porcelain veneers are generally installed across all of the front teeth, even if only one misshapen or damaged tooth needs to be concealed or protected. This is due to the fact that the teeth may appear uneven in size if only one tooth is veneered. This results in the look frequently seen on celebrities—contrary to popular belief, they weren’t universally born with perfect teeth—where the entire smile is flawlessly white and even. Many actors and actresses choose to have this procedure done to enhance their natural smiles and to preserve the look of their teeth as they age.

Porcelain veneers do require some care. They can fracture. There are composite materials available for veneers that may prove a better option for those with very active lifestyles. However, porcelain will prove suitable in the vast majority of cases. The look of the material is essentially indistinguishable from tooth enamel and holds its whiteness very well. These cosmetic devices can last as long as 30 years, in some cases. Some individuals choose to have this procedure done rather than to have crowns or other cosmetic fixes which were formerly the only options on the market for this type of tooth repair and enhancement.

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Monday, 19 October 2009

Snap on Smiles in Essex for Improving Cosmetics

Snap on Smiles in Essex is a product that is designed to make cosmetic changes to one smile a bit more convenient than is possible by having braces or removable trays installed. These devices essentially work as a prosthetic that fits over the front of the patient’s teeth and which can instantly make a crooked or discolored smile more attractive. There are some advantages to this product that make it preferable to some people, particularly those who have a strong aversion to having dental procedures done. The product is also popular with those who do a great deal of public speaking or who are in other professions where they appear in front of audiences.

For many individuals, the prospect of having a great deal of cosmetic dental work done is too unpleasant to bear. This oftentimes results from the fact that they have yet to see the results of going through those procedures. In some cases, Snap on Smiles in Essex results in patients going forward with cosmetic surgery after they become aware of the improvement in their appearance that would be afforded by a corrected smile. In the meantime, however, this product does offer some benefits worth mentioning.

Snap on Smiles is as pain-free as cosmetic dentistry can be. The device literally “snaps” into place. The device is custom-made so one need not worry about having an awkward smile that does not at all fit their face. The device attaches entirely to the teeth which avoids causing any irritation to the gums or to other parts of the mouth. Of course, this is a much less expensive alternative to veneers or other cosmetic procedure. Veneers also require that the teeth be ground down, something with which many individuals feel a great deal of discomfort, especially younger people who do not want to permanently alter their teeth in this way.

Snap on Smiles in Essex is a good alternative for those who don’t want to go through multiple or long-term procedures to correct their smile. Unlike straightening techniques, this device can also correct for discolored or misshapen teeth, as well. These devices are somewhat related to veneers in the way that removable trays are related to standard braces in that they offer convenience, a lack of discomfort and the ability to pull the device out when desired. They are fitted by dentists and produced in a laboratory for each individual patient.

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Wednesday, 14 October 2009

The Inman Aligner In Essex by Dr J Basrai

Using the Inman Aligner

The Inman Aligner is one of the many newer products on the market that offers an alternative to traditional braces. The bracket and wire braces of the past did provide effective straightening but the process could take a very long time and could result in significant discomfort. There was also headgear to consider and, of course, the cosmetic element of having one’s teeth covered up by the devices. The Inman Aligner is designed to provide straightening without causing the sort of cosmetic or physical discomfort associated with standard braces. These devices also work more quickly than traditional braces.

The Inman Aligner uses a system of springs which use contrary pressure to work the teeth back into alignment. Because the device will occupy space in one’s mouth, there will likely be some discomfort and trouble speaking when the device is initially installed. This will go away over time, however, just as is the case with traditional braces. The process usually takes between 6 and 16 weeks to complete. In some cases, this device may provide the same end result as would veneers and in others it may provide a way to align the teeth as much as possible before veneers are installed.

The Inman Aligner does have some limitations. Unlike traditional braces and other alignment products, such as some removable trays, the Inman Aligner cannot treat the full arches—the dental term for all the teeth. This device can treat only the top and bottom teeth in the front of the mouth. The results can be impressive, however, and there is significantly less discomfort than that associated with standard braces. The devices are tightened gradually and, over time, the patient adjusts to the sensation. Once the results start to become visible, of course, the discomfort usually seems well worth enduring.

The standard model Inman Aligner has wires that will be visible at the front of the teeth. There are newer versions of the product that lessen this visual impact. The invisible model is attached to a retainer which is not visible. The clear bow option has a clear wire that eliminates the standard metal bow on the regular model. The white bow is similar in intent as is the invisible bow excepting that the color of the wire is designed to be camouflaged as the color matches the teeth. These products have been in use since the year 2000.

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Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Are Home Tooth Whitening Kits a Good Option? by Dr J Basrai

The market is flooded with tooth whitening kits at present. Many individuals obtain good results from these kits and, as a form of maintenance, they can provide a way to keep one’s smile healthy and attractive between dental visits. The caveat with these kits is that they are not a substitute for visiting a dental professional. These are purely cosmetic products and they offer nothing in the way of maintaining the overall viability of one’s teeth and gums. Without the supervision of a dentist, they may cover up problems that should be addressed by a professional.

Home tooth whitening kits generally use a bleaching agent that is applied to the teeth directly or which is applied with the use of trays or strips. This agent removes stains from the teeth that tend to accumulate even on individuals who maintain excellent oral hygiene. There are certain foods and beverages—coffee and tea in particular—which stain the teeth no matter how much one brushes. These stains can be effectively removed through the use of these home whitening kits. Some stains, however, may be the indication of a more severe problem.

A dentist sees more than white or stained when they look at teeth. Certain conditions of the teeth and gums can cause discoloration of the teeth that cannot be treated with home whitening kits. Some of these conditions, in fact, can be very serious and require that a dentist provide intervention to make certain that the problem is remedied to ensure that more is done for the issue than a simple treatment of the symptoms. While one may be able to keep their smile white and attractive from the comfort of their own home, a visit to the dentist is still a necessary part of anyone’s oral hygiene regimen.

Home tooth kits sold by dentists are generally the best move. These kits are safe for the teeth and provide good results that can help maintain the white smile one enjoys when they leave their dentist’s office. Purchasing one’s kits from their dentist, of course, also helps to make certain that one is keeping up with regular visits and, without doing so, there is no way to ensure that one’s teeth are in the best possible health. A dentist can also give advice on whitening kits that may be more comfortable for those with very sensitive teeth.

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Friday, 9 October 2009

The Reasons for Cosmetic Dentistry by Dr J Basrai

In truth, most individuals would likely prefer to be anywhere other than a dentist’s chair. This makes the procedures involved in cosmetic dentistry something about which most people will procrastinate endlessly, given that there is no health reason behind the procedures; or so it would seem. In truth, an individual’s smile is one of the first things that people notice and unhealthy-looking teeth tend to connote an overall lack of good health in individuals. Having these procedures performed is oftentimes less expensive and much less uncomfortable than people tend to believe.

Most cosmetic dentistry concentrates on correcting the shape, alignment and position of the teeth. Where the position of the teeth is concerned, overly-tight teeth can cause problems with decay as areas of the tooth will be difficult or impossible to clean. They can also cause problems such as jaw pain. In the case of crooked smiles or chipped or stained teeth, one may make an impression on new acquaintances that is wholly untrue. While one’s teeth may say that they don’t take care of themselves, this is likely not the case and the problem can be easily corrected.

Cosmetic dentistry can easily correct teeth that are stained, even permanently so. Tooth whitening is one of the most popular procedures. In cases where the teeth have become severely stained, such as is frequently seen with smokers, the procedure will likely be done in-office by a dentist. For simple maintenance of a bright smile, there are home kits available from dentists that can offer excellent results. Having a whiter smile can make one much more confident and give a much better impression than one could expect if their smile is yellowed. Frequent tooth whitening can also avoid the formation of permanent stains on the teeth.

For more severe problems, procedures such as bonding, veneers and the use of braces are usually employed. Bonding simply means attaching tooth-colored materials to the teeth to cover up chips and other flaws. The enamel can be shaped, as well, to correct for oddly-formed teeth. For straightening, there are many options on the market. Patients may choose to have braces installed permanently in the traditional fashion or to avail themselves of any of the various temporary solutions on the market. Veneers are devices which are installed on the front of the teeth to provide a facade that covers up flaws.

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Sunday, 4 October 2009

Six Month Smiles in Essex by Cosmetic Dentist Dr J Basrai

What is Six Month Smiles?

Six Month Smiles represents a new application of traditional braces technology. The method works more quickly due to it being targeted at the teeth most in need of correction. It also uses equipment which is less intrusive than traditional bracket and wire braces from a cosmetic standpoint. The applications for this type of tooth straightening are broader than are many of the other new products on the market and, for some individuals, they may provide more predictable and desirable end results. The devices are applied by a dentist and are not removable by the patient.

There are several different products, including Six Month Smiles, which have been introduced to the market in recent years to compete with traditional braces. These products are oftentimes particularly popular with adults who would prefer not to regress to childhood, as it were, by having obvious metal devices wired to their teeth. Six Month Smiles uses a system of clear wires and invisible brackets which are less cosmetically noticeable than are regular braces. For adults with teeth in need of correction, this can make the whole affair much more tolerable than it would be were they required to rely on standard braces.

Six Month Smiles focuses on the front teeth. Standard braces provide alignment to the full arches and, if that is required, the Six Month Smiles system may not be appropriate. For those who simply need their “smiling” teeth corrected, however, this system provides faster results than do traditional braces which are usually left installed for two or more years. This product is also more flexible than the braces alternative products on the market in its application. While other products have an enormous convenience factor, there are some types of correction that they simply cannot provide and which render them inappropriate for some patients.

The removable aligner options on the market can be quite effective but only for specific types of realignment. The Six Month Smiles technique is more flexible and can correct more severe types of crowding and crooked teeth issues than can the removable trays used by other alignment systems. In some cases, removable tray treatment requires the application of braces at the end of the treatment term to refine the results which may not be predictable in all cases. Six Month Smiles combines the reliability of traditional braces with the shorter treatment terms of the newest devices.

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Invisalign Braces by Cosmetic Dentist Dr J Basrai

About Invisalign Braces

Invisalign braces allow adults and young people to adjust the alignment of their teeth without many of the drawbacks associated with traditional braces. Aside from the obvious appeal of not having to wear standard braces, these devices do have some other benefits over the standard method of straightening the teeth than do their traditional metal wire cousins. Many of these advantages are related to comfort, both psychological and physical. For young people, especially, getting braces can be one of the most socially-awkward experiences of their lives. Invisalign braces are a way to reduce this type of discomfort.

Misaligned teeth cause more than a crooked smile. Over time, they can develop into other problems such as jaw pain and issues which are far more than cosmetic. Even though this is the case, many individuals would rather deal with the physical and cosmetic issues of very crooked teeth than go through the hassle of having braces installed. This is understandable given the fact that braces can be extremely uncomfortable, hard to clean and cosmetically unpleasant. Invisalign is designed to address many of these issues and to offer something of an alternative to the traditional braces installed by dentists.

These devices are custom made from an impression of the patient’s teeth. Once the Invisalign braces are manufactured, the patient simply slides them into place. They can be removed when needed which is a significant advantage in many regards, particularly where hygiene is concerned. It also allows patients to avoid the dietary restrictions that accompany having traditional metal corrective braces installed. For adults, especially, being able to remove the braces is a significant social advantage. While it’s reasonable for a child to expect that no one will really notice if they’re wearing braces, adults have a different social situation altogether.

Invisalign braces are also more comfortable than traditional braces, especially during installation and removal. The absence of a traditional dental procedure being required to install these devices means less time in the chair which is generally something upon which most people tend to look favorably. The devices are essentially designed to be the most pain and hassle-free way of realigning one’s teeth. The devices may not be adequate for all issues related to straightening the teeth and only a dentist can determine if they’re the right choice. When they are an option, however, they can persuade even adults to finally fix their smile.

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Thursday, 1 October 2009

Bad Breath Cures By Dr J Basrai

The most effective way to detect whether or not you have bad breath is to cup your hands over your mouth and take a deep breath or alternatively lick the back of your hands as the top surface of your tongue -the dorsal surface - harbours those ugly smelling sulfur causing bacteria.

Check out my video on you tube on http://www.youtube.com/jagmail on bad breath to see me talking about the subject with the DJ Dave Monk on BBC RADIO.

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