Friday, 27 November 2009

New Video of 6 Month Smiles!

Guys, Check this video on a new Smile in 6 Months. Seems to be the Buzz Word on Braces.
General Cosmetic Dentists like me will be doing this all over the world.
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Snap on Smile In Essex!

The Snap on Smile in Essex is something you just have to see to believe! You can the smile of your dreams in two simple visits by a device that simply fits over your existing teeth to cover up unsightly gaps and spaces , misshapen teeth, Discoloured teeth and worn teeth.

If you have a limited budget and do not want to have porcelain veneers or braces - then the snap on smile could be the device you need to give you more confidence with the opposite sex, give you that job promotion that you desperately seek or just simply give you the life that you deserve.

Why Wait??

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Botox in Essex. Botox Essex. Botox Injections in Essex.

Dr J Basrai and his team have introduced many new services at his dental office in Essex, but the most popular by far is the introduction of Botox Injections.

There are many ways to look young like having a bright white smile at our cosmetic dental offices. However, as we age, little tiny wrinkles are capable of adding years to your appearance, but their is a solution that can easily be performed at your next dental consultation.

We at Chafford Hundred Dental Care, Drake Road, Grays, Essex, RM16 6SE , have the option of diminshing those fine lines around your face to give that little sparkle and rejuvenation to that perfect smile.

Creams dont work- and you can spend a small fortune on them in retail stores up and down the country- But Botox Injections do work- Just check out our testimonial below!!

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Instant Orthodontics with no Prep Veneers and Lumineers in Essex.

Is there something about your smile that makes you unhappy? Do you wish you could get rid of those gaps ? Are your teeth simply crooked? Whatever the problem is with your smile- we at Chafford Hundred Dental Care , Drake Road, Grays, Essex, RM16 6SE have your solution!

Take advantage of the new technique that can straighten your smile with instant orthodontics with lumineers in essex by Dr J Basrai and his team. We can use lumineers to reshape teeth that are not level and fill in gaps that look plain ugly.

Dont live a boring life with that second rate smile, lets take your life into overdrive and live life the way it was meant to be ie with 100 % Passion.

No Drilling, No Pain , No Injections- What are you waiting for!!

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Six 6 Month Smiles in Essex

Would you like a more beautiful straighter smile , but dont have a year to make that possible? Then we may have a solution for you by considering the new 6 Month smile system with us at Chafford Hundred Dental Care, Grays , Essex , RM16 6SE.

Once upon a time , you would not think it was possible to have a beautiful smile within six months. You can now show off that smile with this device which straightens your teeth with small and gentle forces with a special wire that retains its memory even when it is twisted to give you a more rounder arch and hence a stunnning smile.

I know you must be thinking that it is too good to be true but there are many thousands of people around the world who have had this type of brace and absolutely love it!!

Furthermore, during the 6 months treatment , you dont have to worry about those ugly metal brackets as we use tooth coloured ones which are the same colour as your teeth. They are virtually invisible.

Most patients find the 6 month smile brace very comfortable as only small forces are used compared to conventional braces.

If you lack in confidence in your smile, now is that time to live your best life!!

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Monday, 16 November 2009

Botox Treatments in Essex . Botox Injections in Essex.

People often ask why they should see us at Chafford Hundred Dental Care in Essex where we are a Group of Cosmetic Dentists to have their Botox Injections or Anti wrinkle treatments at our practice!

Here are 10 Reasons why you should see us at our state of the art dental practice for your Botox treatments in Essex.

1. Being Dentists we have a Comprehensive knowledge in the anatomy of the head and neck regions so we have a precise understanding were to inject into the areas of the forehead and around the eyes.

2. We give dental injections all day long 24/7 365 Days a Year. There is no one better qualified to give you a painless Botox Injection .

3. When it comes to giving you a Dermal Filler like Restylane or Juvederm we can give you a painless dental block to anaesthestise the area around your lips.

4. We adhere to strict cross infection procedures so all our needles are one use only due to our medical backgrounds.

5. We have all the necessary certificates and indemity insurances to protect you from any failures or remedial works.

6. Because of the fact that all the dentists at our practice have the necessary skill and know how to do Botox and Dermal Fillers - you dont have to wait to have your treatment done for that special occasion.

7. All our top ups with Botox are FREE!

8.You do not have to wait for 3 to 4 weeks to see us if there is a problem because we work in our dental practice all week.

9. We have some fantastic testimonials of our patients who have had Botox on our you tube Channel at

10. We can make you look up to 10 Years younger with other rejuvenation techniques with Chemical Skin Peels and other Pharmaceutical Strength products which are not available in retail Stores.

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Sunday, 15 November 2009

The Inman Aligner now Available in Essex!

Do you look in the mirror and rate your smile from zero to ten? If your smile is less than 7- you need to give us a call asap! Would you like a more attractive smile and staighten your teeth to get that promotion you deserve or that girl/guy of your dreams?

The Inman Aligner is designed for adults who would like a less visible brace and want straighter teeth in approx. 3-6 months. Its a very clever brace and we have found patients in essex wearing the brace just at night at getting fantastic results within 6 weeks depending upon the severity of the crowding in ones teeth.

The Inman Aligner is a device that predominately works for the front four upper or lower teeth. It is not used to rotate teeth like the canines.

The Inman Aligner is a Removable appliance that can be taken out for cleaning and for eating. Hence you can eat pretty much what you want unlike regular metal braces.

This is a distinct advantage.

Why live with a less than perfect smile?

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The Invisalign Invisible Dental Brace!

The Newest Technological Advances of the Invisalign Invisible Dental Brace is that allows you to straighten your teeth without the negativity associated with the traditional ugly metal brace. These devices are comfortable in terms of their physical and psychological values to you - the patient!

For young Teenagers who are are at the age where their appearances mean everything to them - the Invisalign Teens is an excellent way to align teeth to avoid the awkwardness in social situations. Invisalign Teens is now available at our offices in Essex.

Social Embarrasment is a thing of the past with Invisalign Braces.

Many of our patients would rather have crooked teeth than go with the hassle of having regular metal brackets placed on their teeth. This is quite easy to understand as regular braces are not only uncomfortable but very difficult to clean and look damm goofy and ugly.

Invisalign is the solution to all your problems. These devices are made from impressions of your teeth which are sent to the USA where a computer simulation-called a Clincheck- shows what your teeth will look like after completion of treatment ! It really is the blueprint of your end result.

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Friday, 13 November 2009

Snap on Smiles In Essex by Dr J Basrai

Just fitted another snap on smile on a patient at Chafford Hundred Dental Care, Drake Road, Grays, Essex RM16 6SE.

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Monday, 9 November 2009

The Inman Aligner in Essex used for PreAlignment.

At Chafford Hundred Dental Care in Essex, we use the Inman Aligner for prealignment ie to straighten your teeth in a 3 to 4 month period so that your teeth do not have to be heavily prepared for veneers and risk the damage to the nerve and consequently root canal treatment.

The speed of treatment with the Inman Aligner makes it a very attractive proposition to all our patients before they elect to have porcelain veneers to save having their teeth mutilated by our drills.

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The Inman Aligner in Essex !

When a patient comes to see us at Chafford 100 Dental Care , we explain all the viable options available for their custom smilemakeover!
If you have badly decayed and discoloured teeth due to poor fillings done by your previous dentist, then you could be an ideal candidate for tooth coloured veneers or all porcelain crowns to provide you with a beautiful and perfect smile that is also functional.

However, if you have Virgin Teeth , ie teeth which have had nothing done to them, then if they are simply just crowded and out of position then veeners would not be the best option for you!!

There are so many alternatives from Invisalign which are clear plastic aligners that you wear for 2 weeks at a time or the relatively new Inman Aligner which has been a huge hit at our dental practice In Essex.

The Inman Aligner is only suitable for correcting anterior teeth and ideal for patients who cant afford Invisalign as only one device is needed in some situations. The Inman Aligner is excellent for you if you have worn braces in the past and have felt that your teeth have moved somewhat to their normal positions.

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The Truth about Invisalign Braces.

Invisalign is an orthodontic system which uses a series of clear aligners are then created for a patient to wear which progessively straightens the teeth.

The Retention Period!

We recommend that the patient wears their retainer for 22 to 23 hours a day for 12 weeks, then every night for a year, then possibly drop down to wearing them alternative nights thereafter. This is a minimum.
If you dont want to wear a retainer , then a fixed retainer maybe the only choice.

How Invisible do they look in reality?

Many patients have stated their teeth look better with the aligners in place: in particular true in an arch with marked gaps or spaces, thanks to a visual soft focus effect.

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Botox Injections in Essex.

The lines and wrinkles on your face are caused by the repeated use of your facial muscles throughout ones lifetime- with the deepest lines caused by the greatest use.
Another detriment to our faces is the fact that we lose collagen and elastin in the skin -so that as we get older these lines become permanent and are present even when we are not frowning!!

The exlir of youth can be found at Chafford Hundred Dental Care , Drake road, Grays in Essex in the form of Botox, a purified crystalline form of exotoxin type A Produced by the bacterium Clostridium Botulinum.

Do you want to look 10 years younger- give us a call on 01375481000 and give us a try with a Free Cosmetic Skin Evaluation worth over 47.00 Pounds!

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Cosmetic Smiles in Essex

A smile cost nothing, but gives much. It enriches those receive, without making poorer those who give. It takes but a moment, but the memory of it sometimes lasts forever. None is so rich or mighty that he can get along without it, and none is so poor but that he can be made rich by it. A smile creates happiness in the home, fosters goodwill in business, and it the countersign of friendship. It brings rest to the weary, cheer to the discouraged, sunshine to the sad, and is nature's best antidote for trouble. Yet it cannot be bought, begged, borrowed or stolen, for it is something that is of no value to anyone until it is given away.

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Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Anti Wrinkle Treatments using Azzalure in Essex by Dr J Basrai

Anti Wrinkle treatments using Azzalure - a form of Pure Botulinium Toxin- is now available in Essex by Dr J Basrai and his team of Cosmetic Dentists at Chafford Hundred Dental Care , Drake Road, Grays, Essex.

We have had amazing results with this product and it will become a Household name very quickly like Botox to help alleviate wrinkles and frown lines.

Not only are celebrities like Danni Minogue, Sharon Osbourne and Even the great Simon Cowell have admitted using non surgical treatments for their red carpet moments and television appearances like on the X Factor.

Azzalure has a fantastic satisfaction record with our patients lasting up to 4 to 5 months on average in some patients.

Antiwrinkle treatments in Essex are ideal for the Glabellar region , The Horizontal Frown Lines and The Smile lines around the Eyes-commonly Known as Crows Feet, to smooth away the wrinkles from the sands of time.

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Monday, 2 November 2009

Develop a Sweet Tooth and Live Longer by Dr J Basrai

A recent article stated that Dark Chocolate eating men live longer than those who prefer savoury snacks according to Harvard University.

There are 2 reasons for this.

1. Dark Chocolate contains phenols which act as antioxidants which break down free radicals which help to reduce heart disease and cancer

2. Dark Chocolate has less saturated fats which block arteries than fried Chips , Crisps and Savoury Pies.

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